Pick Your Poison
What Ails You?

One of life’s perks as an adult is being able to enjoy a good drink for a good buzz. The variety of concoctions and flavors available has led people to discover what’s light and fun from what’s stiff and toxic. Sometimes, drinks can be deceiving and they ultimately become our poison. I designed these novelty stickers of famous American and Filipino alcoholic drinks.

How can you make liquor labels fun, witty, and interesting as novelty stickers?
Capturing an aged look through vintage type

I manipulated and put together a strong selection of vintage fonts inspired by classic liquor labels to get that old age, top-quality feel.​​​​​​​
Apothecary medicine ephemera

If looked closely, the designs feature spot illustrations and copy from old drug packaging to make it look like vintage poison labels.
Tongue-in-cheek descriptors

Each label is embedded with clever copy and fine print to mimic the warning statements from poison labels.
Each design was also mocked up on amber medicine bottles​​​​​​ as a nod to old timey poison.
Services: Graphic Design, Typography, Art Direction
Photography: Dre Ferrer
Year: 2019

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