Hallmark for LIFE
Pista Sa Pinas

Hallmark for LIFE (Leukemic Indigents Fund Endowment) is Hallmark Cards Philippines’ initiative in producing and selling locally designed gift items dedicated to save the lives of indigent children with leukemia by way of sustained medical treatment. For the 2018 collection, the theme was “Pista Sa Pinas” or “Festivals in the Philippines” in English.

How can you portray Filipino festival motifs that are easily identifiable and printable on a range of items?

Buildable and dynamic elements 

Symbols of the famous Philippine festivals were illustrated together with auxiliary graphics to allow flexibility in any merchandise application.
A festive palette

True to its key references, a bright and colorful palette is used to capture the energy and vibrance of Filipino fiestas.
Services: Graphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction
Client: Filstar Distributors Corp. (Exclusive Philippine licensee of Hallmark Cards Inc.)​​​​​​​
Year: 2017

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