36 Days of Type 2021
80's Trip

36 Days of Type, now on its 8th year, is an annual online challenge that invites all kinds of creators and artists to explore and share their view on numbers and the English alphabet. This year, I wanted to explore a new process I haven’t tried yet—Risograph printing.

How can you put together a design concept that utilizes the look and techniques of Riso printing?
Groovy, nostalgic motifs

Riso printing was invented in the 80’s and was one of the traditional types of printing I saw in books when I was younger. I wanted to transport myself into that era and capture the feel through playful, psychedelic forms—reminiscent of the 80s culture.​​​​​​​
An exploration of patterns

To maximize and see the beauty of Risograph, I tried different patterns and techniques to see how the inks would punch in. I tried gradients, blurred shapes, tiny details, highlights, and more. The result was really fun!
Print Studio: Bad Student Press
Year: 2022

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