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Camaleondesque is a modern display typeface inspired by Mario Bellini's iconic Camaleonda sofa from the 70's. His lounge piece is well-loved for its movable modules and detachable backrests and armrests. The Camaleonda is one of the sofas I’ve discovered while searching for a couch to fit the small flat I’m renting. Naturally, Bellini’s unconventional and modular design caught my attention.

How can you translate an iconic furniture design into a typeface?
Modular construction

To mimic the sofa’s modular configuration, the typeface is built on a 1:1 grid system that moves around, rotates, and combines similar shapes to reflect top-view silhouettes of the sofa into the letterforms.
Soft and structured

The soft corners and button tufting are translated into each letter to give off the soft and comfy look the Camaleonda exudes. However, the cloud-like appearance is controlled by giving the shapes just enough structure to resemble to sofa’s framework.
For bold statements

This modular typeface was built for headlines, posters, merchandise, and statement pieces. Stacked, patterned, hero, or background—Camaleondesque can give any design the punch it needs.​​​​​​​
Download Camaleondesque Display at Type Department
Services: Type Design, Typography, Graphic Design
Year: 2022

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