UNIQLO Feel the Sea
The Filipino Battlecry

UNIQLO collaborates with Southeast Asian artists and design groups to create design pieces inspired by their local culture for UNIQLO's Feel the Sea UT Collection. I was tapped to be one of the designers from the Philippines to release a collection.

How can you represent the Philippine spirit through wearable and relevant design pieces?
Always moving forward

My collection took inspiration from the fervid prudence and optimism of the Filipino people. As a country that continues to face a myriad of challenges, it is also the best time to see hope in adversities.​​​​​​​
Bold statements that incite action

I wanted design pieces that would voice out hope & motivation within my countrymen.​​​​​​​
Festive colors for a cheerful country

The shirts' palette also uses vivid colours that well-represent the country’s vibrance and festiveness.

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