DentaHub by Dr. Ady Wong
Your New Happy Place

Located in the heart of Pampanga, DentaHub by Dr. Ady Wong is a new go-to dental place for anyone who has a smile. With its modern and personal approach to oral wellness, DentaHub offers the check-up you’ll look forward to.

How can you design a fresh and modern identity for a dental business?
Timeless logomark

DentaHub’s lock-up features a geometric and modular mark that’s inspired by a tooth and a spin on the letters ‘D’ and ‘H’. Its wordmark—modern yet lasting, is constructed with Indian Type Foundry’s Poppins Bold.
Simple & playful system

To keep social media marketing easy for the business, DentaHub’s key visual has a simple and playful design system. The use of geometric elements and dynamic layouts can make the creation of ads a breeze for the owner.
Positive & personal statements

The owner was open to creating stickers and artworks for a little surprise and delight. The artworks were designed to uplift and make the customers have a positive dental experience.
Services: Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Typography
Photography: Gian Wong
Year: 2022

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