Emilia's Home x Gian Wong
Feel-Good Moments At Home

Designed and created exclusively for Emilia's Home, this collection lets homebodies create their own feel-good moments at home. Perfect for making living spaces more colorful, showing their personal style, or adding statement pieces that will always strike up a happy conversation.

How can you create unique home pieces that can bring any neutral space to life?
Warm statements and compliments

A home is always happier with feel-good messages. The decor pieces make this happen with embroidered bold letters and playful statement designs.
Bold vignettes and artsy corners

The pieces easily make any space the coolest room in the house with the home accessories doubling as fun and vibrant artworks.
Services: Illustration, Lettering, Typography
Client: Emilia's Home
Photography: Cereaal Studio
Year: 2020

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